About Us

Custom Made NZ gives people more choices with purchasing Leather horse equipment. Have your own design made of Style & Colour.

We make Bridles for Ridden & Inhand, Halters, Breastplates, Reins, Hobbles, everything in the equine range except for a saddle. Also for people, Belts, Bags, or any other leather item you may require. Try us.

Custom Made NZ uses top quality English hides & top quality NZ hides. The leather choices are here for you. The quality work of our craftsmen is of very high standard.

State in your ordering procedure any specific measurments you would like taken into account, when ordering from this site.

All prices are in NZ Dollars.

If you have any ideas to discuss or a quote for your specific need details are as below.

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0064 09 232 1128
0064 027 220 9716

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P O Box 42
South Auckland
New Zealand